Feature List

  • Use our website builder wizards to easily create templated websites for your customers, or make this option public for your customers to create their own websites.
  • Our advanced content management system makes it easy for you and your customers to manage their web content.
  • Our website templates have been designed with both novice and professional designers in mind.
  • Our advanced shopping carts make it easy for you to add ecommerce features to a website. Our shopping cart integrates with all major payment gateways, including many from NZ, Australia, US, UK and Paypal.
  • Bulk emailer has full read/link tracking statistics. You can send monthly newsletters on any hosting plan, with limits to the number sent depending on the plan.
  • Customers can register/renew/manage domains within the CMS, setup email accounts or view web statistics
  • Our CMS has been designed to be very search engine friendly. Using natural URLs, with customisable filenames, access to all meta tags, and all services available via a dedicated SEO area.
  • Yes you can also host any opensource or PHP/MySQL website on our system, but we have a dedicated server for your needs.