Hosting Infrastructure

We provide a leading edge hosting infrastructure using our own custom private cloud.

Multiple load-balanced application servers

Each with Raid drives and redundant power supplies (hardward does break from time to time, we can remove and replace hardware without distrupting services)

We can cope with sudden surges in traffic, and if that traffic is excessive, such as a DOS attack, then we can distribute offending websites to a quarantine area that does not affect our other customers.


Data is backed up and multiple physical locations, in the case of worst case scenerio.

We run daily backups of files and half daily backups of databases. We can restore to any date in recent history, not just the last couple.

We run a hot standby live system - we don't neeed to restore from backups in a worst case, our redunant systems are already restored and ready to run.

Fire Wall

We have a custom firewall that is robust to protect our infrastructure from unwanted intrusions.

Data Center Locations and Specifications

Our primary rack space is in the Iconz Data Center in Auckland, New Zealand, and completely redundant standby system at the Maxnet facility in Albany.

We have additional servers in

  • Dallas, USA
  • London, UK
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Auckland, NZ

We can host your website at any location of the world at a press of a button.