Reseller Signup Process

This page is for Resellers Option B, who run their own billing system. 

Refer to our Reseller Option A for a simplier Reseller Signup Option

What does a reseller get?

  • You get your own white labeled (re branded) version of our CMS and your own login page.
  • You charge your customer anything you like for web hosting and domain names.
  • You pay us discounted web hosting fees
  • You pay us discounted domain registration or renewal fees
  • You get full administrative access to manage your own customers, to make customers live, to renew their domains.
  • Totally optional use of signup wizards, DIY features, so therefore you can provide professional services to your customers with these features disabled.
  • Your customers will never be contacted by us, they will know nothing about us (so long as you pay their hosting fees on time)

The steps to become a reseller option B are.

  1. Agree to the basic conditions
    • You pay our discounted hosting fees.
    • You must make at least 1 new website live within 1 month and 1 new website live every 6 months, or maintain a minimum of 5 live customer websites. Usually you wait until your first customer site is almost ready to go live, then sign the reseller contract. 
    • A NZ$1000 setup fee applies  (This fee waived for resellers migrating 20+ sites to our servers)
    • You must pay your bills on time. If you fall into arrears, then we reserve the right to contact your customers to offer to provide direct hosting services to them, to ensure that their websites may remain online. Otherwise the sites would go offline ordinarily.
  2. Review the agreement in full, (link below)
  3. Print a copy of this agreement, initial every page. (Print 2 copies if you prefer original signatures)
  4. Please initial every page in the bottom right corner, plus 2 key paragraphs and sign the last page.
  5. Ensure you have started work on your "Reseller Website". 
    • This is the website that we will connect your reseller services to. eg promoting your Web Design Services. 
    • It is also represents your primary billing account
  6. Return the signed agreement(s) by post/fax/email.
  7. We will also sign the agreement, and send you back a photocopy.
  8. We will set you up within 7 days. Setup includes the following services.
    1. Upgrade of your user status to "reseller" allowing you to make your customer sites live/offline, and to complete registration/renewal of domains live. You will get a special Admin toolbar. 
    2. Creation of a basic reseller configuration, including all the options you specified in Schedule B of the agreement, eg retail price for domains, GST number etc
    3. We will transfer all your New and WIP and live websites from your existing account(s) to under your reseller account.
    4. We will transfer other customers websites to your account if they confirm they are happy for that to happen.

Download Agreement Here

Print, initial and sign the link above, then email/fax/post it back to us.
You can make the prepayment to your hosting account at any time. 

Or Alternative Reseller Option

Reseller Option A for a simplier Reseller Signup Option